Discover the real proposal "Prime Residence 2":
Your Home near the Latina shore - Gulf of Circeo

Real estate operations are inserted in an enviable environmental context to the possibility of visit beautiful places in a few minutes.

Promenade, which starts from Torre Astura, with dune belt, lake of "Fogliano", lake of "Monaci", lake of "Caprolace" and lake of "Paola", characterizes this territory with unique peculiarity.

Mediterranean dune flanks the coast from Foce Verde, with nearby Torre Astura, the Monte Circeo - Torre Paola.

Seaside towns of San Felice Circeo and Terracina complement the southern sea coast with their ports and their historical records.

Finds of prehistoric, ancient, pre-Roman and Roman times, the Middle Ages:
Grotta Guattari and others in Circeo's mountain where are hosted Neanderthals and Sapiens human and also Port of Torre Paola and Fico, Moorish and Olevola towers.

In Terracina, stands on the mountain, Temple of Jupiter, Foro Emiliano and most historic buildings.

The modern history is marked by a strong development of tourism for two cities with elitist characterization.
In small cemetery overlooking old city are buried important people such as Anna Magnani and Alberto Lupo.

Foundation of the city, Latina, Aprilia, Pontinia, Sabaudia, is examples of rational architecture realized in times of '30s in unredeemed areas of the swamp, with sacrifice of "reclamation pioneers".

The plain is crossed by the Appia road and "miliari" roads, linking the marina to the lookout hill towns: Cori, Norma and the ancient Norba, Sermoneta and Sezze.

Notably the testimonies of natural and artistic sites such as Ninfa, with its gardens and the remains of medieval village, Valvisciolo with its Monastery, Fossanova with its Gothic Abbey, Priverno with its Churches, Maenza with his Baronial Castle.